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Pharmacist Job

NMC CosmeSurge Clinics

Valid Till: 05 July 2024

NMC CosmeSurge Clinics - Delma, Abu Dhabi, AE

Job Description

To maintain a  proper functioning in the pharmacy. To help the patients by providing the necessary medicines and explains its administration.

  • Prescriptions will be processed and dispensed in compliance with applicable DHA laws, rules, and regulations. 
  • Prescription labeling will provide an identifying number; date dispensed, patients’ name, name or initials of the pharmacist, the name, address, days of treatment and the name, strength and quantity of the pharmaceutical products, and instructions for use. 
  • In the event the pharmacy receives a prescription for drug classified as ineffective, the pharmacist will contact the prescribing physician to change the prescription to an effective drug.
  • Review the patient’s health records and medication profile to assure appropriate drug therapy and to reduce the potential for complications and known adverse reactions.
  • Provide the prescribers suggested alternative drug therapy plans when any of the above risks are identified.
  • Individually counsel patients on the purpose and use of the prescribed medications, potential side effects, adverse reactions, and other related factors

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy/Equivalent
  • Preferred certificate or Post-graduate Diploma