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Last Updated: 10 July 2024

United Arab Emirates

Air Arabia Jobs in UAE 2024

It could be difficult to find the right job. Sending out your resume and applying for a job with Air Arabia are the initial steps towards getting your dream career. Completing an application is a crucial first step. This guide is meant to help you apply online for Air Arabia Jobs in Sharjah 2023. After submitting your application, Air Arabia should send you an email stating that they will get in touch with you soon!

The A1 Building, Sharjah Freight Center, and Sharjah International Airport serve as the home base for the low-cost airline Air Arabia, which is based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The airline often flies to Europe, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, and North Africa from Sharjah.

Air Arabia Jobs in Sharjah 2024

In search of a job at Air Arabia in Sharjah? Multinational airline Air Arabia operates flights all over the world. Pilots, cabin crew, flight attendants, reservation agents, and other occupations are just a few of the many career options offered by Air Arabia Careers. Air Arabia is unquestionably your best option if you’ve already had aviation experience or if you just finished school and want to work in the industry. Ground crew and cabin crew are needed at Sharjah International Airport for Air Arabia.

Air Arabia Cabin Crew Jobs

Air Arabia Careers employs a sizable number of cabin crew members and is constantly searching for workers with superior language and customer service abilities. Ensuring the safety of every passenger, irrespective of their race or color, is the primary responsibility of the cabin crew before, during, and after the flight. Applications from all over the world are being received by Air Arabia, which is in severe need of cabin staff. Applying for a cabin crew position with Air Arabic requires a high level of dedication and hard work.

Applying for a cabin crew position with Air Arabia requires excellent communication skills. To put it simply, you need to be more understanding, affable, and capable of handling any passenger concerns while on board.

Requirements for Air Arabia Cabin Crew Jobs:

In order to be considered for the Air Arabia cabin crew, you need to have a higher secondary pass. Experience in the hotel industry and multilingualism can enhance your resume.

While speaking multiple regional languages has always been advantageous, being able to communicate with customers from around the globe on a daily basis—and airlines placing a high value on customer service experience—makes it even more vital for those working in cabin crew positions.

Usually, each airline has a set of requirements specific to its cabin crew. The following are some prerequisites for employment as cabin crew with Air Arabia:

  • Physical Well-Being
  • A Valid Passport
  • Your skin should be free of any tattoos or marks.
  • Swimming for a minimum of twenty-five minutes is required.
  • Age should be between 21 and 30
  • First Aid expertise is a necessity, and nursing experience is recommended.
  • It is required that you speak, read, write, and understand English.
  • It is necessary to have an A+ diploma from high school.

Height and weight requirements are as follows:
WT male: -68 to 82 kg. HT – 165 cm
Female: WT: 58-70 kg. HT -160 cm

Air Arabia Group Staff Job Vacancies

At Sharjah Airport, Air Arabia is hiring ground workers for a range of roles. Applications are accepted for both skilled and unskilled jobs. Members of the ground crew for Air Arabia work in the aviation industry and carry out a range of duties at Sharjah Airport. Ground staff assist with various aspects of airline operations, including cargo loading and unloading, cargo deliveries, passenger information, passenger safety and comfort, and assistance to the old and crippled.

Air Arabia Latest Job Openings (Updated):

Job TitleJob LocationQuick Action
Technician, PainterSharjah, UAEApply Now
Technician, ElectricalSharjah, UAEApply Now
Lead Regulatory AffairsSharjah, UAEApply Now
Manager, Fleet ManagementSharjah, UAEApply Now
Project Manager, Component Pool Mgmt.Sharjah, UAEApply Now
Commercial AnalystSharjah, UAEApply Now
Flight Operations AuditorSharjah, UAEApply Now

How to apply for Air Arabia Jobs?

If you’ve read the guidelines and all of the material above, you’ve already decided whether or not you qualify.

If you meet the above standards and would like to work for Air Arabia, create strong CV or resume and submit an online application. All you have to do is click the Apply button to get the URL. We appreciate you visiting our website. Please don’t forget to share it with your friends!