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Advanced Paramedic Job


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Company Description

Fakeeh University Hospital is a digital hospital, having fully integrated electronic medical records, supporting improvements to the quality and efficiency of healthcare services for patients and the community at large. Additionally, we operate an efficient emergency department.

Job Description

Advance Paramedic provide Advance life support and transfer patients defined as Clinical Status Category “Life threatening” “Serious not life threatening” and “Non serious or life threatening”. AP possesses a substantially higher skill set in patient assessment, care and management. Additionally Leadership, mentorship, management and professional development are regarded as a key component.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Graduation in Medical Specialty Qualification
  • Bachelor’s in Equivalent or Emergency Care & Trauma Care
  • Hold current license and/or qualification as Advanced Paramedic or Equivalent.
  • Two (2) year experience post registration/certification
  • Two (2) year experience as Advanced paramedic/Paramedic


  • Assessing, Intervening and Stabilizing Patients
  • Diving Accidents
  • Hygiene
  • Wound Care
  • Hygiene
  • Anesthesia Drugs Knowledge
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Equipment Knowledge
  • Cardiovascular Knowledge
  • Drowning Trauma
  • Infection Control
  • Patient Documentation
  • Procedures Knowledge
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Treatment Planning